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The priority axis A, Health indicators-Epidemiology-Human and Social Sciences, aims at:

  • A better characterisation of the risk factors, validation of biological as well as quality of life and health indicators (through the national platform “Quality Of Life” launched in the Cancéropôle), particularly in registry studies (FASTEIN, PANCREAS-CGE).
  • Development of indicators in registries (COBEQOL, Canto, NENO Artem).
  • Studies based on cancer registries (general or specific of an organ) allow the identification of new classification and better risk evaluation of a second cancer.
  • Measure the impact of patient care practices in domains such as prevention, diagnosis and care. In particular, analysis of the influence of the patient-care provider relationship on the perceived quality of care and quality of life of both parties (patient and care provider). Development of communication guidelines and support channels to optimize this relationship (QualiCARE project).
  • Study the link between work and cancer. For the patients; Analysis of the psychosocial characteristic which favor or not their reinsertion into the workplace. (TRACE project). For the health care professionals and care organization; Study of the stress factors impacting the quality of life of the care provider (development and validation of a specific stress scale for oncology nurses, study of the emotional control influence on the wellbeing of the care provider).
  • Study social inequalities in cancer screening (PARTICIPE project).

This priority axis supports collaboration between multidisciplinary scientists in epidemiology and humanities and social sciences. It also aims to elaborate new public health recommendations valuable to the whole community.

In these projects the Cancéropôle plays a catalytic role by allowing actors to interconnect and thereby build projects. This leads to an increasing number of multidisciplinary studies, between epidemiology and humanities and social sciences.

International meeting ”Human sciences and oncology”

This meeting, organised in Besançon, promotes human sciences research in oncology by creating interactions between scientists and oncologists.

Programme of previous edition :

Axis management

  • Pr Francis GUILLEMIN – “Maladies chroniques, santé perçue et processus d’adaptation” – EA 4360 APEMAC, Université de Lorraine, Nancy
  • Pr Didier TRUCHOT – Laboratoire de pyschologie, Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon

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