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The thematic research supported by the axis B focus on the identification of factors conditioning the response to a therapy, and the search for diagnosis or prognosis biomarkers. Hypotheses from preclinical studies on animals or cellular models are tested and validated on retrospective and prospective clinical studies. Further investigations can be conducted in early phase clinical trials. The objective is to determine the best patient care practices according to the patients’ clinical and biological status, to guide their medical care providers and suggest alternatives therapy in case of a lack of efficacy.

Structuring Pancreatic Cancer research project

The actors of the B axis are involved in the research project on pancreatic cancer, supported by the Cancéropôle, but also on ancillary studies related to pancreatic cancer such as the clinical trial PRODIGE 44.

Emerging research project: Liquid Biopsy

Emerging technologies and their concepts are supported by this axis, for example the development of Liquid Biopsy in cancer. Detection and analysis of circulating tumor cells, free DNA, RNA or exosomes could be an innovative and non-intrusive manner to perform diagnosis and/or follow-up. The Cancéropôle has decided to actively support the technological platform (New Generation Sequencing and digital PCR) as well as research projects associated with this concept. This thematic is also developed in collaboration with the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of Freiburg (CCCF). A first symposium on Liquid Biopsy has already been co-organized in Freiburg by the CCCF and the Cancéropôle. A second one is planned to take place in France.

Cancéropôle Call for proposal focusing on emerging project

The B axis is extremely dynamic and participates in numerous projects submitted to the call for proposal « emerging » project. The selected projects will therefore have the opportunity to participate in the annual scientific meeting of the Cancéropôle.

Oncotrans: Cancer Translational research congress

Oncotrans is a meeting dedicated to the axis B and translational research. It is organized every other year since 2009 and foster over 200 scientists and clinicians, promoting numerous exchanges and networking opportunities.

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