Réunions, Congrès, Colloques : Réunion Paul Basset Memorial Meeting – Early Tumor Invasion



9h30-10h15 : Registration

10h15-10h30 : Welcome/Introduction

10h30- 12h45 : Session 1 Role of cancer cells in tumor invasion

10h30-11h00 : Philippe Birembaut, Inserm U903, Reims

“Cell adhesion molecules in tumor invasion”

11h05-11h35 : Scoazec Jean-Yves, Inserm U865, Lyon

“The role of netrin and its receptors in colon carcinogenesis”

11h40-12h10 : Pierre Savagner,IRCM, Montpellier

“Slug regulates tubulogenesis and early differentiation during breast development and carcinoma progression”

12h15- 12h45 : Thomas Brabletz, University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany

“Malignant progression of colorectal cancer: EMT, beta-catenin and cancer stem cells”

12h45-14h00 : Lunch and poster viewing

14h00-15h45 : Session 2 Role of the microenvironment in tumor invasion

14h00-14h30 : Agnès Noel, CHU of Liège, Belgium

“The MMPs: key contributors of the host reaction to tumor development”

14h35-15h10 : Muller Catherine, IPBS, Toulouse

“Cooperativity between breast tumour cells and surrounding adipocytes promotes an invasive phenotype”

15h15-16h45 : Mareel Marc, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

“Pro-invasive activities of myofibroblasts.”

15h45-16h15 : Coffee break and poster viewing

16h15-17h15 : Session 3 Therapeutical approaches

16h15-16h45 : Gillian Murphy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

“Novel approaches to metalloproteinase targeting in disease”

16h50-17h15 : Vincent Dive, CEA Saclay, Gif/Yvette

“Impact of combined biochemical and biophysical studies for developing MMP selective inhibitors: Focus on MMP-12″”

17h15-17h20 : Conclusion