Réunions, Congrès, Colloques : Réunion BIT’s 7th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) – Theme: Milestones of Innovative Therapeutics


BIT Life Sciences and Organizing Committee are organizing the 7th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) as part of their dedication to offer professionals in drug discovery field a multidisciplinary platform to learn about the latest scientific updates and current industry standards. The congress with the theme “Milestones of Innovative Therapeutics” will be held during October 22-25, 2009, Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai China. On behalf of organizing committee, we’re pleased to welcome you to join us and give a speech at the congress, hope you can bring your knowledge and experience to share with other business and research leaders, and you’re encouraged to network and explore partnering opportunities.

Chapter 1: Basic Sciences of Preclinical Studies
-Sciences is All We Need to Start

Section 1-1: Oncology and Drug Discovery Section 1-2: Inflammation and Drug Discovery Section 1-3: Endocrinology and Drug Discovery Section 1-4: Immunology and Drug Discovery Section 1-5: Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Section 1-6: Toxicology and Drug Discovery Section 1-7: Molecular/Cell Biology and Drug Discovery Section 1-8: Neurology and Drug Discovery Section 1-9: Microbiology, Virology and Drug Discovery Section 1-10: Hematology and Drug Discovery Chapter 2:Smart Drug Discovery Chemistry
-Applied Robust Chemistry to Better Molecules Section 2-1: Receptors and Ion Channel Based Drug Design and Development Section 2-2: Fragment Based Drug Design and Development Section 2-3:RNA/DNA Structure-Based Drug Discovery Chemistry Section 2-4: Computer Aided Drug Design and SAR Studies Section 2-5: Virtual Screening to Combinatorial Chemistry for Hit Findings Section 2-6: Structure Biology Based Drug Design and Synthesis Section 2-7: Novel Methods for Lead Modification Section 2-8: Practical Organometallic Reactions for Chiral Drug Molecules

Section 2-9: Improving ADME/DMPK Profile, Reducing DDI/Toxicity, and Overcoming Formulation Difficulties

Chapter 3: Methodology & Innovative tools for drug discovery, Drug delivery and Drug Development
-Master the Matured Cutting-Edge Technologies for Drug Innovations

Section 3-1: Functional Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, System Biology for Drug Discovery Section 3-2: Molecular Target and Biomarkers for Drug Discovery Section 3-3: Biochips, Microarray and Molecular Imaging for Drug Discovery Section 3-4: Bioinformatics/Chemoinformatics and Bio-IT/Pharm-IT for Drug Discovery Section 3-5: RNAi, microRNA, and Non-Coding RNA Technologies Section 3-6:Cardiotoxicity / Hepatotoxicity and Drug Safety Section 3-7: Cell-based to Tissue-based Assays Section 3-8: High Content Imaging Section 3-9: In vivo Models and Model Systems Section 3-10: Nanotechnology and Novel Drug Delivery Section 3-11: HPLC, LC-MS, Maldi-TOF and Structure Biology for Drug Discovery Section 3-12: Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Chapter 4: Translational Medicine
-Bridge Pharm R & D from Bench to Bedside Section 4-1: Translational Biomedicine and Multiplex Assays for the Progress of Translational Medicine Section 4-2: Translational Medicine from Biomarkers, Molecular Profiling to Clinical Trials Section 4-3: Translational Oncology Section 4-4: Translational Neurosciences Chapter 5: Drug Discovery of Major Diseases
-Targeting Unsolved Life Threatening Diseases Section 5-1: Anticancer Drug Discovery Section 5-2: Anti-Diabetes Drug Discovery Section 5-3: Anti-Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery Section 5-4: Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Diseases and Drug Discovery Section 5-5: Anti-inflammation Drug Discovery Section 5-6: Anti-Bacterial Drug Discovery Section 5-7: Antifungal Drug Discovery Section 5-8: Anti-HIV Drug Discovery Section 5-9: Anti-HCV Drug Discovery

Section 5-10: Gastrointestinal Drug Discoveries

Chapter 6: New Heats for Biotherapeutics
-Discover Humanized Natural Bio-Drugs

Section 6-1: Protein Based Biotherapeutics Section 6-2: Monoclonal Antibody Based Biotherapeutics Section 6-3: Gene Therapeutics R & D Section 6-4: Cell Therapeutics R & D Section 6-5: Chemokine and Cytokine based Therapeutics Section 6-6: Immunotherapy and Vaccine R & D Chapter 7: Milestones of Novel Therapeutics Pipeline
-Update and Case Studies for Novel INDs on Trials Section 7-1: Anticancer Pipeline Therapeutics Section 7-2: Anti-Infectious Therapeutics Section 7-3: Anti-Diabetes Therapeutics

Section 7-4: Anti-CNS Disorder Therapeutics

Chapter 8: Drug R & D Strategic Alliance across the World
-Cost Effective and Result Driving Forces

Section 8-1: Integrated Services & Partnership for Drug Discovery (Part I)
Section 8-2: Molecular Biology Outsourcing Alliance
Section 8-3: PK/PD and Bioanalysis Outsourcing Alliance
Section 8-4: Clinical Trials Outsourcing Alliance and Regulatory Issues
Section 8-5: Integrated Services & Partnership for Drug Discovery (Part II)